Solo Grande

Posted by Derek Cormier | Posted in , , | Posted on 3/18/2010 08:27:00 PM

So, let’s start with the “Solo Girl” Genre.  This genre comes in many forms and has many sub-niche’s, but the main crux of the site is focused on one girl, usually with a huge…personality

So, who does solo websites and why?  What market are they after?  And what types of models do they seek out?  Well, firstly let us examine some of the solo-girl sub-genres:

  • Non-nude- Just like it sounds, a site with a girl who doesn’t actually get naked.  Normally the model will be required to wear clothing that reveals all her sexual parts (such as mesh or wet white shirts) but she will never actually get fully naked. 
  • Topless only- A girl who will show off the twins but nothing below the belt, the panties stay on.
  • Soft-nude- This is a girl who is willing to take off everything but doesn’t show any pink or any orifices below the belt.
  • Nude- The models on these sites get fully naked and show it all, leaving nothing to the imagination.  (By far the most common type of solo girl site)
  • Hardcore- Not to be confused with the hardcore main genre, this sub-set of solo genre means the girl uses her fingers or toys to show or simulate masturbation. 
  • Under 18- Obviously these sites are non-nude, but still feature models under the age of 18 in sexually provocative poses.  As of March 2010, these sites are legal as long as there is no explicit nudity and the site promotes itself as a glamour site and not a pornography site.  TrueTeenBabes is an example of this type of site.

So there you have it, those are the main sub-genres of solo girl sites.  I could go on and on with even more sub-niches (Asian, Black, Big Breasted, Small Breasted, Teen, etc..) but for now the above definitions will serve our purpose.

The main types of models used in these sites are ones that are very young looking.  Often times the models in these sites will never have worked anywhere before and may not have ever taken off their clothes in front of a camera before.  These models also tend to be better looking than most hardcore models because of their “fresh, innocent look” as one webmaster put it. 

The main demographic for these types of sites are usually older men (35+) and I use the word older because when compared to the demographic for hardcore sites that feature actual sex between two people it is around 16+ 

The main issues that many pornographers have with maintaining these types of sites are models moving on or getting out of the industry altogether.  Also, while solo sites bring in a lot of money initially, many members of such sites grow tired of seeing the same girl take off her clothes; consequently, they do not renew their monthly memberships. Finally, many girls tend to take the initial payoff from doing a site like this and move on with their life. 

A search on TheBestPorn, a pornographic review site, yielded 2,951 solo girl sites currently labeled as such.  This places the Solo Girl niche third out of 101 niches listed.  The reason it is such a popular niche is because many girls are willing to try this (that is get naked for cash) at least once.  As infamous super-extreme pornographer Max Hardcore once wrote “The quickest way to separate a girl from her clothing is a camera.” 

One major issue that many porn activists and even some of those in porn have with this niche  is the “Popsicle and Pigtails” or Bubble-Gum style shoots that many girls do while making these sites.  (although this issue is not specific to this niche alone)

My next post will explore this very issue, so come back soon and check it out.