Pigtails and Popsicles

Posted by Derek Cormier | Posted in , , | Posted on 3/19/2010 10:07:00 AM

There is a growing (and for many disturbing) trend in the teen porn niche to take it a step further and dress their teen models to look very…very young.

Think for just a moment and be honest: When is the last time you saw a woman over the age of 18 sitting in a brightly colored bedroom in pigtails licking a lollipop?  I  think that if you are honest, outside of porn, the answer would be never. 

The truth is that this type of behavior is reserved for very young, usually pre-teen girls.  No young lady who is in college would normally participate in such infantile behavior.  So one then has to ask: Why is this such a popular thing to do in teen porn?  If the girls in the movies are supposed to represent women over the age of 18, why are they acting like they are 12?  And is it legal?

Well, to answer the latter question first: Yes.  It is absolutely legal1.    The former question is a bit tougher to answer; some pornographers will say it is only fantasy, others say it is a way to push the first amendment whilst still others will say it appeals to their viewers. (i.e. “Don’t blame me, the viewers want it, I just give them what they ask for”). 

I believe the very last answer is the most honest; when it comes to porn there is no doubt that money is the driving force behind everything that is done.  If viewers didn’t demand that their 19 year old model be dressed up to look like a 13 year old (and behave as such), they wouldn’t produce such content. 

And produce they shall.  Just about every teen site or teen niche movie out there usually features at least one or two photosets or movies of the model in pigtails and licking a lollipop, sucking a popsicle or something similar.  Often times the rooms and clothing will be brightly colored and filled with stuffed animals. 

Like it or hate it, this “Bubble-Gum” style of pornography is a major hit amongst porn consumers and as long as they are continuing to pull out their…credit cards for this type of material, it will keep getting made. 

Once again I reference famed super-extreme pornographer Max Hardcore; he got in trouble because in one of his shoots he had the model proclaim “But Mister, I am only 12 years old”2  .  Don’t worry, when we get to the “Extreme” genre we will cover Mr. Hardcore. 

Next up is a discussion on the difference between Hardcore and Softcore pornography. 


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