Magic Shades of Grey

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Between Magic Mike and Fifty Shades of Grey…is “Mommy Porn” making a comeback?



Is “Abuse/Breakdown” Porn a new genre?

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I had done my research and looked at the site. It look pretty damn rough but I was reassured it would be fine…My plan was to try and get through as much of the scene as possible before taking a break. The fewer breaks, the sooner I could get a burger and pass out. Once we started I didn't even make it for 2 minutes before I had to stop. I started on my knees with the male talent literally shoving their cocks down my throat until I gagged an couldn't breath. I had to break because I was ready to pass out. when we started again it was no easier. I was still on my knees an the guys were so aggressive that at one point I literally had to stand up and push with all of my strength to get off of him. there is no point in having a safe word when you can't talk. I was clawing at their legs and slapping their thighs and they still wouldn't let up…

Then they pulled me off by my hair and smacked me in the face so hard it gave me a bloody nose. they didn't even notice that I was bleeding until they threw me onto the couch and started throat fucking me while my head hung off the couch…

I walked back on set and said I was tapping out. They told me that they had about enough footage that they could sell it if they got the popshot so I sat on the floor and finished the scene. For all of that they paid me $200. ***Clayra_Beau_eye

After School

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Monday: Cheer Practice…Tuesday: Math Tutoring…Wednesday: Hardcore Gangbang shoot…

Latex Lament

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Where have all the condoms gone?

Although there are many types, flavors and brands of condoms out there, as demonstrated by “ceweberity” amateur YouTube sexpert Kicesie in this video, the porn industry as a whole (both on the consumer side and the production side) have gone away from condoms in more recent years.

In fact, most directors/producers won’t allow the actors on set to use condoms.  They know that their fan base does not want to see condoms as it may “ruin” the fantasy.  Unfortunately for many female porn stars, infections and STD’s are not a fantasy.

Anal sex is a huge part of the porn industry today.  Such an act carries with it a large risk for infection…especially with acts like ATM, ATP, ATOGM and others.  Transferring the bacteria from the anus to the mouth and/or vagina is almost a surefire way to get an infection.
Also, even though models are required to get tested every 30 days, they have lots of sex in-between tests which means they could get an STD on Day 15 and consequently infect many other models between Days 16-29.

So the overall point is that pornography is a risky business.  While it does carry with it quick reward it also carries a great risk as well. 

Delicious Diggs

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Links about porn that I found interesting….

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Risky Risqué

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Like it or hate it, porn has gone from naughty to nasty and for some to nauseating…

Intro Video

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So, I have a new Intro Video up for this blog, you can check it out here (also embedded below)