Magic Shades of Grey

Posted by Derek Cormier | Posted on 7/04/2012 07:59:00 PM

Between Magic Mike and Fifty Shades of Grey…is “Mommy Porn” making a comeback?



Recently I was browsing Barnes and Noble’s Top 100 “Nook” books and quite surprised that the top three were the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy. Now, I am not one to judge, but three books which could  easily categorized as lit erotica at the top of the list…it must be a mistake.

But twasn’t… in fact, Fifty Shades of Grey recently shattered Harry Potter’s record of the fastest selling book of all time.  Couple that with the high sales of a recent movie entitled “Magic Mike”…(a movie about a male stripper), and we have ourselves a resurgence of “Mommy Porn”.  But why?

Porn Sets Societal Boundaries


Well as I wrote yesterday, porn is and has always been a boundary breaker.  Let’s say that on a scale of 1-10, porn is 5 and society is 2.  If porn decides to push to 6…society will eventually move to 3.  Why?  Because we, on the whole, love our flesh and are only constrained by societal peer pressure.  The typical person wants to be accepted by those around them, so they behave a certain way. 

But as the fringes of society begin to push further towards a 10, suddenly “3” doesn’t look all that bad.  After all, at least I am not a 6. At least I haven’t done this or that …and so it goes.

Socially Acceptable


Many lonely housewives have purchased romance replacements from grocery store shelves along with the eggs and milk for years, but it has always been hush-hush.  Men hide the Playboys or clean out the cookies from the family computer…and women read and take baths.  But now with the lovely invention of e-readers, it is becoming clear… to everyone … that women love their erotica escapism .  Suddenly hardcore novels are #1 on the top seller lists… thanks to anonymity via the wi-fi purchase option.  

And with popular shows like “The View” and “Ellen” talking about Fifty Shades of Grey and Magic Mike…the social stigma of such things is slowly being lifted.  It’s ok for girls to be just as aggressive and sexual as the boys now. 

E-Readers to the Rescue


E-readers are going to do for lit-erotica what the internet did for porn.  Allow women from all walks of life to indulge in their deepest darkest sexual porno fantasies from the comfort of their living room where no one will ever know and they don’t have to suffer the shame of society or the judgmental glances of the checkout girl.  And mommies are taking a lot more baths.  And husbands are finding that their wives are suddenly having a lot more headaches.