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Monday: Cheer Practice…Tuesday: Math Tutoring…Wednesday: Hardcore Gangbang shoot…

Eighteen is the magic number for many girls who wish to shoot porn.  Many of these girls, however, turn eighteen while still in high school…it’s not something mentioned too much in modern porn.  Some argue that mentioning a girl is still in high school places too much emphasis on just how young and inexperienced the model truly is.  So why does a girl who (most likely) still lives at home and has minimal to no bills feel drawn to the world of porn?

It flies in the face of the “desperate” girl who needs money to pay bills so she gets into porn picture that many have sketched in their mind.  One could argue that the girl simply enjoys sex…however, most professional porn actresses have gone on record as saying the type of sex that fulfills them is not the same type of sex they have to have in front of the camera.

Another theory is the “attention/sexual exploration” theory.  This theory posits that girls like the attention and feel very attractive and sexual when being filmed and photographed getting naked and having sex.  The money for many of these girls is just icing on the cake, the main motivation.  Producers and directors know this and this is why you will see this recruiting tactic used for younger girls. 

The mere thought that men will see them, see their bodies devoid of clothing in the midst of sexual activity and get aroused is something that many of these girls feel empowered by.  This is why we have seen an explosion of nude picture mail messages in high schools and middle schools.  It is also why more and more directors and turning towards high schools as fresh recruiting grounds for new and very pliable talent. 

Like it or not…High School Seniors are the new College Freshman in the world of porn. 

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Q: Do you believe in Hell?
Many people people dont.
A: ...yet, that certainly doesnt
prevent Jesus from turning-you-away
from Seventh-Heaven precisely cuzz
you sinned gravely AND didnt repent,
thinking you're your own god.
Thus, really you who hate Jesus:
you can deny Hellfire until you're
engulfed in the Abyss o'Misery.

All-Mighty God love U.S.
extravagantly passionate...
yet, even God has limits:
when we sinfull mortals croak,
THAT'S His limit.

God bless your indelible soul.
Yes, earthling, Im an NDE.

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