Finishing Touches

Posted by Derek Cormier | Posted in , , | Posted on 3/24/2010 12:48:00 PM

Whether to increase degradation and humiliation or simply for visual dynamicy, the external ejaculation has become a staple of most mainstream pornography.

“The Money Shot”  “The Pop Shot” “The Cum Shot” all of these terms describe the same thing…the climax of most hardcore pornographic scenes: The ejaculation shot.  And, with the exception of a few niches we will discuss later, most of these are done externally.  Here are some common terms/locations for the man’s semen:


Location of Money Shot

  • Facial/Face:  By leaps and bounds the most common place for a man to ejaculate in a porn scene.  It has become so prevalent that Wikipedia has an entire article dedicated to the subject.  Also, many porn companies release compilations, (commonly called cumpilations) just showing nothing but facials. 
  • Bukkake/Face: When three or more men give a girl a facial without her wiping them off in-between shots.  Originally popular in Japan, it has been made popular in America by JM Productions “American Bukkake”.  More on that series later.
  • Swallow/Mouth:  Just under facials, this is the second most popular place for a man to ejaculate at the end of a scene.  The man aims his penis at the woman’s mouth and ejaculates.  
  • Spit/Mouth: Same as above, expect the actresses spits the ejaculation out.
  • Creampie/Vagina: This is a niche where the man ejaculates inside the woman’s vagina.
  • Oral Creampie/Mouth: Similar to swallow, but the man does not pull himself out of the woman’s mouth before ejaculating.  Much less common than a swallow.
  • Anal Creampie/Ass:  Same as creampie except this is done inside the anus.
  • Pearl Necklace/Breasts and Neck: The man will ejaculate on the woman’s breasts and or neck. 
  • Pink Eye/Eye: Similar to facial but this very extreme niche is where the man intentionally ejaculates in a female performer's opened eyes.  Made popular by Multimidea Picture’s series “Pink Eye
  • Condom Dump/Condom: A form of cumplay (discussed below) where the man ejaculates in a condom and then dumps the contents on the woman’s breasts, face, etc… Made popular producer/director/star of “More Dirty Debutantes” Ed Powers.

So there you have most of the locations of the finishing touch for a porn scene.  Another related topic is “cumplay” or “cum duration”.  This basically entails what a director will have a model do with the semen once it is out.  Here are a few examples (since literally it could be anything, I will limit this list to just a few things:


  • Lotion:  The director will have the model rub the semen on her face or breasts and apply it as if it were lotion.
  • Vacuum: The director will have the model suck the semen up (sometimes with a straw) from various surfaces such as plates, desks, the floor, off of another model, etc…
  • Snowball (female to female): The director will have two girls swap semen between their mouth’s, usually before a swallow.
  • Bucket: Featured in Gokkun’s (Bukkake’s with swallowing) the actresses will allow multiple men’s semen to build up in her mouth before swallowing.  Featured in JM Productions “American Gokkun” amongst others. 
  • Below the belt Snowball: Same as a snowball, but features one actresses forcing the semen out of her anus or vaginia into another actresses mouth.  Featured in the series “CumFart Cocktails” amongst others. 
  • Sit Still: This is where the director will not allow the actresses to wipe off the semen for a prolonged period of time, whether to degrade her or simply to get more footage.  This can last between 5-20 minutes. 
  • Public:  Where a woman will be told to go out in public with semen on her body (usually her face).  Sometimes this is for only a moment (like BangBros) or for a prolonged period of time (Public Humiliation)

So there you have it, the climax of most porn films.  Some argue this is art and beauty, others argue it is the very definition of male degradation.  Agree or disagree, it is one of the most prominent features of hardcore porn.