Blown Away

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Once considered the prequel to actual sex, oral romance has taken the porn world by storm.

Oral sex is generally considered a sub-genre of hardcore, but oral itself can be broken down into several niches including:

  • Male-on-female= Called cunnilingus, this is where a man performs oral sex on a woman.  Although common in porn betwixt 1960-1985 , it has taken a sharp downward turn as porn shifts its focus to more hardcore and degrading acts.
  • Vanilla Blowjob= Vanilla is a porn-industry term for normal or bland.  This would be a standard blowjob.
  • Deepthroat= This, made popular by a 70’s porn with the same name (staring Linda Lovelace, who later become an anti-porn activist) , is where an actresses, on her own, is able to fit most if not all of a man’s penis inside her mouth.  In order to do this, she normally must take some of the penis in her throat, hence the name.
  • Forced Deepthroat= Like the aforementioned with one major difference, the man places his hand on the back of the woman’s head, or under her chin or pulls her ears and forces himself down the woman’s throat.
  • Gagger= Again, see the aforementioned.  The major difference is that it is done repeatedly in order to produce a sustained gagging effect.  This can also be referred to as “Face F**king”.  This was made popular by the studio “JM Productions” in their runaway hit series “Gag Factor”.  This is by far the most popular form of Oral Sex in the industry, with many series and websites devoted to this very specific sub-niche. 

So there you have a basic list of various oral sex techniques used in porn.  Even these could be broken down further, but for now those give you a good idea of what you can expect if you watch an oral themed series. 

Another important aspect of Oral Sex in porn is the position.  Just as in movies that feature regular sex, the movie is separated by positions and is usually ended by the climax shot usually referred to as the “pop-shot” or “money-shot”. 

Some popular positions for female-on-male oral sex include:

  • Knees-The typical oral sex position, with the woman on her knees and the man standing above her.
  • The Bow- A very submissive position where the woman is lying on her stomach and is usually wearing high heels (although not always).  She is required to reach back with her hand and grab the corresponding heel (left to left, right to right) thus putting her in a “bow” which causes her hands to be occupied while her head is lifted and straight.
  • The “Max” position- First popularized by infamous pornographer Max Hardcore this position requires the woman to lie on her back on a couch.  Her head and neck are hung upside-down over the side of the couch-arm while the male performer stands behind her. In many cases this position would cause the woman to get her own bile and spit on her face. 
  • The “drool-stool.”- A variation of the above but done on a stool.  Made popular by JM productions in their “Gag Factor” series.  Jim Powers, the director of the series, has made it clear that the point of this position is to get the woman’s face covered with her own body fluids. 
  • Stand and bend- The man sits down while the woman stands and bends down to get the job done. 
  • Lap ‘n’ Lie- The man sits down while the woman lies in his lap.

I will cover more about the money shot in a post later on entitled “Finishing Touches” .  While the gagging scene certainly exploded in the mid 90’s, it is starting to cool off as audiences seek out a retro journey back to the days of sensual sucking.

What was once a romantic prelude to a sexual encounter has turned into what some deem a circus act that only has appeal because of his overt misogynistic tones. 

Opponents of this genre say that while porn would have you believe that 90% of women participate in gag-style oral sex, the truth is this sub-niche is only practiced by a small portion of the population.  In other words, the movies that feature oral sex in no way are an accurate reflection of a fecund, normal sexual lifestyle. 

Most women who have seen such porn or have had a man try to put them in the “Max” position would most likely bite it off, so I wouldn’t recommend getting your ideas from Max Hardcore or Jim Powers. 

Adult DVD forum has many topics devoted to this issue, including this one. (explicit images contained within forum, use Ad-Block Plus if you wish to block them). 

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