Risky Risqué

Posted by Derek Cormier | Posted in | Posted on 3/30/2010 08:44:00 AM

Like it or hate it, porn has gone from naughty to nasty and for some to nauseating…

The problem with staying on the fringes of society is that eventually society catches up.  Extreme becomes normal which means one must do something even more extreme to avoid being average.  Porn is no different.  As what was once considered extreme is now common place in porn (facials, anal, etc..) those who market themselves as extreme must come up with new and more extreme ways to get noticed.  Some call this “car-wreck porn” because even though it is bad, you just can’t look away.

Here are just a few ways various companies are doing that.  Warning: the following is not for those with a weak stomach, else you will end up like the woman in the above picture.

  • Cocktails: A series by Extreme 2.0 aka Extreme Associates and directed by Lizzy Borden.  The main theme of this niche is forcing the female model to puke by extreme deepthroating as well as giving her an enema and then taking said liquid and forcing her to drink it and/or dump it all over her body.
  • Dog Dish Dump: Made popular by internet director/producer Duke Skywalker, he has the female model puke (due to extreme blowjobs) into a dog dish labeled “Stupid Whore” then after she has been ejaculated on by two or three men (normally rendering her eyes shut) he will have one of his male actors dump the vomit all over her.  He will then have her wear the dog dish, vomit, and semen while he takes pictures and degrades her verbally.

    This is normally done to amateur girls who have only been in a few, if any, porno movies.  It is worth noting that as of 3/30/2010 Duke’s site “Facial Abuse” where this act is featured was the highest user-rated site on Rabbits Reviews, an adult website review company. 
  • ATM/ATOGM: Both these acts are becoming more and more common place in porn and for some are not even considered extreme.  This is where a man will have anal sex with a woman and then, without cleaning himself off, will go from her anus to her mouth (ATM=Ass to Mouth).  ATOGM (Ass to Other Girl’s Mouth) is the same thing, except the man goes from one girl’s anus to another girl’s mouth. 
  • ATP: This stands for Ass to Pussy, which is basically the same as above except of course he goes from anal sex to vaginal sex.  This has long been known to cause many bacterial infections yet is still practiced in porn today.
  • Donkey Punch: What started as folklore was brought to the porn world by Grip and Cram Johnson in a movie with the same title as the act.  The man would begin having anal intercourse with the woman and at the point of climax for him he would “Donkey Punch” her which means he would punch her in the back of the head with a closed fist in order to get her anus to tighten while he came. 
  • Meatholes: A series by an infamous director named Khan Tusion.  He would verbally and physically berate his models until many of them broke down crying. 

There are many more examples, but these should suffice.  So one has to wonder…what happens with the above acts become normal…what then?  Until next time…

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> one has to wonder…what happens
> with the above acts become normal…
> what then

Killing the girl, then having sex with the corpse, and finally berating her verbally for daring to die without permission?


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