Literary Lust

Posted by Derek Cormier | Posted in , | Posted on 3/21/2010 11:00:00 PM

“Read any good books lately"?  Sometimes porn can take form of a novel or even a few steamy Penthouse billets-doux.

Now, I must correct my first post where I stated that porn was the graphic depiction of sex captured on film…I forgot about the good ole’ romance novel.  While men do indeed read these novels, the vast majority of erotic-lit. consumers are women.  So, as with all other genre’s, we must ask a few questions:  Why women? Who writes this stuff?  And what is the appeal?

Why women?  Most erotic literature focuses on the romantic aspect of sex.  Many times women are the primary focus of the sexual attention in these stories; her needs, emotions, desires and sexual pleasures are carefully described in intimate detail, usually from the point of view of a woman.

In the large majority of these books, women are the main character and frequently telling the story from a first-person perspective.  

This is a stark contrast to most hardcore pornography on the market, which normally gives little or no attention to the basic needs and desires of the women in the film.  Often times women are the subject of humiliation, objectification and degradation in the aforementioned films, but that is another post.

Woman, although somewhat visual in nature, tend to be far less visual than most men; consequently the vivid descriptions contained within the pages of a steaming piece of prose are enough to get their motors running.  Most novels cater to both the emotional and physical desires of its reader. 

Not surprisingly the vast majority of contemporary published romance novels tend to be women.  It simply goes to reason that a woman would best understand the needs, desires, passions and inner-workings of other women.  Nora Roberts is probably one of the best known sex-novel authors on the market today.

So, the question is…Should books, like movies and television shows have ratings?  Like “Rated S” for steamy? sexy? saturated with sultry satire?  You be the judge… until next time.